Celebrating The 40th Anniversary Of
The Beatles Coming To America


MARSHA ALBERT is the 55-year-old lady who as a Maryland teenager 40 years ago helped jump-start Beatlemania. A new book ("The Beatles Are Coming!" by Bruce Spizer - 498 Press) published on January 16th 2004 reveals for the first-time the full extent of the events that this schoolgirl fan unwittingly started.

Without her - the Beatles would still have made it very big of course. But the speed and magnitude of their breakthrough would have been on a different timetable.

Certain things are absolute. Without Marsha Albert's actions - there would have been NO fans to greet the Beatles on their arrival at JFK on Friday February 7th 1964. NO throngs of media at a live televised airport press conference. No frenzied fans outside the Plaza Hotel. And NO record-breaking 73 million fans tuning in to watch them on the Ed Sullivan Show on Sunday February 9th 1964

Marsha Albert didn't start Beatlemania in America. She JUMP-started it.

After being hidden from view for the past 20 years - the organizers of The Fab 40! set out to locate her so that she could be included in the 40th anniversary celebrations.

A search campaign was undertaken via the internet and a "Wanted" poster was circulated via the media.

Finally - on Friday January 16th 2004 - the exact 40th anniversary of "I Want To Hold Your Hand" being certified #1 in the US - the Washington Post announced in a major news story that it had managed to locate the reclusive lady. It featured an extensive profile and interview with her.

The Fab 40! Committee's Honorary Chairman Martin Lewis has now engaged in extensive dialogue with Marsha Albert - who has expressed her appreciation for all the recent interest expressed in her. She also wants to make clear that she is a very shy and private person who does not revel in public attention. She feels she has said all she wishes to say about what she regards as her very miniscule role in the Beatles' American breakthrough.

She has prepared a statement about her feelings.


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