Celebrating The 40th Anniversary Of
The Beatles Coming To America


Key participants and witnesses to the Beatles first US visit - and respected authors and historians - who can all speak with authority and perspective about the events of February 1964. Some are NY based or will be in NY during the February anniversary. Others can be interviewed in their home cities in the US or UK.

  • BRUCE SPIZER - Respected Beatles historian & author of definitive new illustrated history of the Beatles US breakthrough. "THE BEATLES ARE COMING! The Birth Of Beatlemania In America"

  • VINCE CALANDRA - TV executive with "The Ed Sullivan Show" during all 4 shows starring the Beatles. In February 1964 he stood-in for George Harrison during rehearsals when George was ill.

  • ROBERT FREEMAN - Official Photographer of the Beatles' first US visit, photographer/designer of five consecutive album jackets for them - and creator of the title sequences for their first two films.

  • MARK LAPIDOS - Founder/producer of America's premier fan conventions - set up in 1974 with the blessing of John Lennon. 500,000 admissions in 30 years. Now preparing his 100th convention.

  • MARTIN LEWIS - Beatles scholar. Produced DVD of "A Hard Day's Night" & Associate Producer of "Ed Sullivan-Beatles" DVD. Consultant on "Anthology." Organizer of "Fab 40!" celebrations.

  • LOUISE HARRISON - George Harrison's only sister - with the Beatles on their first US visit. Picture of Louise Harrison available here.

  • SID BERNSTEIN - Promoter of the Beatles' February 1964 Carnegie Hall concert. He subsequently promoted their record-breaking concerts at Shea Stadium in 1965 and 1966.

  • "COUSIN BRUCIE" MORROW - Top disc jockey on New York's influential WABC in 1964 who gave extensive airplay to the Beatles.

  • JOHN MOFFITT - Associate Director of Ed Sullivan Show during all 4 shows starring the Beatles.

  • ALAN LIVINGSTON - President of Capitol Records 1962-1968 - who signed the Beatles to Capitol and spearheaded their American breakthrough. (He also signed The Beach Boys and Frank Sinatra.)

  • ALBERT MAYSLES - Celebrated filmmaker who documented the entire visit for US & UK TV.

  • GORDON MILLINGS - Partner with his father in Dougie Millings & Son - the tailors who custom-made all the iconic suits the Beatles wore on their TV appearances & concerts on their first US visit.

  • TONY BARROW - Key UK publicist for the Beatles 1962-1968. Liaised with US media to jump-start the Beatles' invasion of America - including UK bureaus of CBS & NBC - which both ran stories about Beatlemania on US TV - as a prelude to the Beatles first US visit.

  • BILLY J. KRAMER - British Invasion singer and close Beatles pal - with multiple US & UK hits written specially for him by Lennon-McCartney.

  • CHARLIE ANDREWS - First person to greet the Beatles to USA! She was the Pan Am Passenger Service Rep. selected to board the plane at JFK and bring the Beatles onto US soil. Accompanied them for their first two hours in USA. Seen on all photos & newsreel of the Beatles' arrival. She still has the outfit she wore to greet them in 1964. And she can (and will!) still fit into it for interviews! Photos of Charlie Andrews available here.

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